Review by Christian Sia

Love in Another Time

Review by Christian Sia

Love in Another Time: A Sardinian Saga by Lexa Dudley is a brilliantly plotted story that follows a grandmother’s adventure and the story of her granddaughter. It begins with Ellie Montford’s early years. Her parents are diplomats who are scarcely home, and when her school shuts down, she is sent to live with Polly’s family, a family who accepts her as their own child. When she turns twenty, Ellie is asked by her parents, who are looking forward to retiring from active service, to join them on a vacation in Sardinia. It is here she falls in love with Gino, a professor, but the experience is short-lived. Sara is Ellie’s granddaughter and she has a strong bond with her. When Sara travels to Sardinia, she uncovers a disturbing story about her grandmother, and this might stand in the way of her own happiness.

Lexa Dudley is a great storyteller who uses an evocative style of writing to grab the attention of the reader. The prose itself has a beauty and a music of its own. The childhood of the characters is beautifully painted, and the images will fill some readers with nostalgia for the children they once were. Character development is wonderful and readers can easily feel these characters, especially in moments of their sadness and human frailty. They are as human as they are realistic, and this makes the story feel real to readers.

Love in Another Time: A Sardinian Saga has a well-crafted setting, with places that are skillfully described and a timeline that lets readers know when the actions took place. It is gripping and delightful.