Good morning

Good Morning


Good Morning everyone,

I haven’t written on this blog in ages.  Time seems to fly bye and I never seem to have a chance to catch up.

We went to Sardinia in April/May.  Going up to Su Gologone first to stay at a wonderful hotel which is typically

Sardinian. The colours of the place, the setting, the food, which is cooked over an open fire, all go to make it an

amazing experience.

Then on down to Cagliari for a few days to see the Sagra di Sant’ Efisio.  Always a moving experience, no matter how many times I see

it.  Unfortunately it rained this year, but it was still amazing.  Next year I want to see it at Pula.

We did some shopping, bought a beautiful Sardinian wedding ring (Fede Sard) and watched it being made, which was fascinating.

Saw friends and just enjoyed a week of wonderful food and companionship.  Love it.

I am still working on my next book, which is set mainly in Cagliari and England. It has taken me longer than usual, as my husband was not well, but we have finally got him back on his feet, which is great for him and a relief for me, as he was really quite ill.

We still have two horses, two ridgebacks eight geese and now sixteen guinea fowl thank to my daughter in law who decided to hatch all the eggs she found from her guinea fowl.  They are such funny little things. Trying to fly and hop round the run.

So the good racing is now at Newmarket and today we are off to see friends at the course and enjoy a day at the races on Ladies Day.

I am not very savvy when it comes to my site, but if you would like to leave a comment, I always love to hear from friends or readers, there is a place somewhere on this site to leave comments, and I do check it from time to time, so if you don’t hear from me at once, you will do.

Best to you all,