Love in Another Time: Book Review by K.C. Finn

Love in Another Time

Review by K.C. Finn

Love In Another Time: A Sardinian Saga is a work of fiction in the interpersonal drama genre and was penned by author Lexa Dudley. Written for adults due to the presence of some moderate sex scenes, this novel spans the romance, family saga and drama genres to give an overview of the life story of central character Ellie Montford. Attending school in the 1940s, Ellie’s life changes when she is sent to reside with the family of a close friend, Polly. From here, Ellie blossoms into a confident woman who finds love in a foreign land, but it is cut short all too soon. What results is the tale of a grandmother looking back on her life and a granddaughter who uncovers secrets that she may come to regret.

Author Lexa Dudley puts great commitment into her character development for this novel, delivering authentic emotional prose with true depth and motivation behind every word and gesture. The work is relatively short and desires more detail in certain areas of the fast-moving plot, but the twists and turns are well planned out to deliver many intriguing and different experiences along the way. One of the most striking features is the presence of Sardinia in the tale, which is beautifully described and brought to life through excellent immersive language and cultural detail. Each character and relationship blossoms and develops on a strong arc throughout, and, overall, I think readers who enjoy a light but emotive family saga will highly rate Love In Another Time.