Love in Another Time: Review by Lesley Jones

Love in Another Time

Lesley Jones

In Love in Another Time by Lexa Dudley, the year is 1947 and Ellie di Montford returns to the country after the war. She is reunited with her best friend Polly and stays with them while her parents are away. Ellie enjoys being part of a loving family, something she has rarely experienced. Polly’s elder brother Simon promises Ellie that when they are older, he will marry her. As Ellie reaches young adulthood in the 1960’s she travels to Sardina to spend a holiday with her parents before her father’s retirement as a diplomat in the Foreign Office. Ellie meets a young professor, Gino, and it is not long before they fall in love and are planning their future together. Ellie is not prepared for the events that follow which change the entire direction of her life. Years later, Ellie’s granddaughter, Sara, travels to Sardina on a business trip and discovers an old newspaper clipping of her beloved grandmother Ellie. Sara makes a shocking discovery about her grandmother’s past that could not only shatter their loving relationship but her entire family.

Love in Another Time by Lexa Dudley is a good, old-fashioned historical saga set across four generations. The plot is amazing, so detailed, engaging and interesting. Ellie’s character jumps off the page, she is so likable and is someone you would want to meet. Even when her ghastly social-climbing mother was abusive to her, Ellie dealt with it with such grace and forgiveness. I truly wanted her to find happiness with the charming Gino. I loved learning about Sardina, a place I have never been but the descriptive narrative brings the beautiful country to life. There are interesting references to the different cultures and customs of the country which are cleverly weaved into the story. Simon was a wonderful character too, such a rock to Ellie and a man with amazing morals. The revelation at the end was a huge shock and so tragic. If you love novels that completely sweep you into the world of the characters, then I highly recommend you read Love In Another Time.